Color field painting

Color field painting. Art for sale. Euro 250,-. Blue monochrome. 30 x 30 x 2 cm.


Konkrete kunst

contemporary art,konkrete kunst. Red 168, Oil on Wood. 30 x 25 cm, Euro 380,-.


Color field painting, contemporary art

Color field painting, contemporary art, abstrakter expressionismus, Thomas Peter Kausel. Oil on Canvas, blue, yellow and red. 60 x 60 cm


color field painting

abstrakter expressionismus von Thomas Peter Kausel.The extreme reduction to one color has always fascinated painters. The painter leaves all interpretations to the viewer. A marvel full of secrets, which is precisely why it captivates the viewer. The sensual abstract color surfaces give the soul room to breathe. The works are with unimaginably beautiful and radiant surfaces. Galerie Singulart: