Paintings in Red. Color Field Paintings with pure, unmixed pigments, according to Color Index International. Paintings with Cadmium Red Light, Monoazo-Red, Anthrachinon-Red, Indig-Chinacridon-Red. All Pigments are very lightfast.



color Field Painting Red

Painting Color field, Indig-Chinacridon, magenta, rosa, Number 122, Color Index International. All paintings only with pure, unmixed pigments.


Red fields, color fields

Cadmium Red Light, for example, will lean more towards orange (this shade can replace Genuine Vermillion PR 106), while Cadmium Red Deep is a more maroon shade. Cadmium is a poisonous metal, but the Cadmium used in artist paints cannot be absorbed by the body so the risk to the artist is low.


Aminketon Pigment for color field painting

Color Field Paintings with Zinnoberrot, Irgazin, Rubin, Aminoketon.


Anthrachinon for the color field painting

What is the Color Index (C.I.)? Color Field painting with the Color Index. The paintings only with with pure, unmixed pigments, according to Color Index.


Painting with Aminoketone

Color Field Painting with AminoketoneThis pigment is very lightfast and was first used in automotive paints.


Unmixed pigments. Color field paintings in Red.

Monoazo, Anthrachinon, Pyranthron, Chinacridon, Aminoketon for the red Color field paintings. All the pigments are very lightfast.