Color Fields

Color field painting as pure painting.In color field painting, painting emancipates itself from all external determinations of content and form and takes itself as its own object.


color fields ultramarine blue

ultramarine blue, color field painting. Kausel’s paintings leave all interpretations to the viewer. A marvel full of secrets, which is precisely why it captivates the viewer. The sensual abstract color surfaces give the soul room to breathe. For Mark Rothko, color aroused emotions. Each. Work should evoke different meanings in the viewer. Kausel’s works radiate an untamed power. By omitting anything superfluous, Kausel’s works display an elegance and simplicity. Kausel’s paintings already belong to the collections of important museums worldwide.



Color fields

Color Field Paintings blue.Works of color field painting are classified as abstract art or abstract expressionism. The color fields can be geometric